Partitions are fundamentally the lightweight, non-load-bearing products which can get speedily assembled on the site.

We at AL Manzel understands the requirement of businesses and consequently provide cost-efficient partitions worthy for all types of commercialized, recreational, organizational and industrial buildings, along with residential modifications such as flats and apartments. We also provide effervescent partitions for use in hospitals.

We design spaces and divides its space-structuring product listing into partitioning, screens and wall cladding. We also design vertical surfaces and divide the office floor in closed and open areas, that provides acoustic and visual screening, or advance openness and transparency. Partitioning allows privacy and concentration while sitting and wall cladding, with its structural possibilities, spread out the workplace, shapes and design walls.

Our Partitions are of excellent quality which provides effective advantages to the businesses like:

  • Partitions which caters really advanced levels of sound insulation up to and exceeding separating wall standard.
  • Providing Lean partitions which results in maximizing floor space for the businesses.


  • Dry wall, Regular Gypsum board Partitions
  • Dry wall, Moisture Gypsum board Partitions
  • Dry wall, Fire rated Gypsum board Partitions
  • Radius & Decorative partitions
  • Plain & Decorative Arches
  • Glass Partitions